SEKHEM is an energy that is within everyone. It is the energy of Love that connects you to Source. It has evolved into ALL-LOVE because the most
common experience in the classes is that of Love!

The Energy is used to heal and to stimulate ones personal development to reach ones true purpose. The aspect of unconditional love is very present and can not be compared with any other energy”.

There is no Lineage or Hierarchy in SEKHEM!  There are no grades!

We support initiations through ones own internal process, rather than energetically altering ones energetic field to bring up a premature Initiation.
It is more a process of allowing and guiding the flow of the energy! 
Through this process certain energetic blocks are found and identified and once the awareness of these blocks are found and expressed, spontaneous initiations may occur.
When established ALL-LOVE will encompass the whole group, and the energy will start to flow.

If we let the energy itself be the teacher, in that way there are no limitations placed upon on it. Even though it does have an Egyptian feel and heritage, we do not promote it as such because that in itself begins to define what the energy is! Once it is defined it becomes very difficult to grow and expand.

SEKHEM means: power in a spiritual manner. Might, Altar, The Natural Force, Vital Force, Vital Force Of Men,  Place of the Gods, God of the Altar or Habitat of the Gods, Place of Power and Power Of Love!

SEKHEM can be a beautiful addition to Reiki or any other kind of energetic healing method.
Anyone can learn to work with All Love, everybody can experience SEKHEM.
An easy way to get in touch with whatever is blocking you from being You!!

Michael Heemskerk

In our workshops and session we don’t restrict and judge energy, what must come will come.
It will always be as much as you are comfortable with as it is your energy we work with and your connection to Source.

It all depends on what is necessary for you in this time and space in your life at this moment!.

If we don’t restrict ourselves and unblock all preconceptions, visions and expectations, wonderful things may happen, some of which you never had expected at all. 

All is centered through Love,
All Love!

Retreat Florence, Italy 2025