Private sessions

We offer SEKHEM ALL LOVE private sessions for those who want to get a deeper and more personal experience with the SEKHEM ALL LOVE energy.
Together we will work to achieve the highest healing that you are allowing yourself to receive at this moment in your life!
-Expect the unexpected!

The Sessions usually take 45 minutes but can be extended if needed.
We offer online sessions through: Skype, Signal, Facetime, zoom.us and Jitsi Meet.

–The online process is the same as with the one on one sessions or the workshops.  We work with your energy and it’s always connected to you and source.–


Michael Heemskerk

In our workshops and session we don’t restrict energy, what must come will come.
It will always be as much as you are
comfortable with as it is your energy we work with and your connection to Source.

It all depends on what is necessary for you in this time and space in your life at this moment!.

If we don’t restrict ourselves and unblock all preconceptions, visions and expectations, wonderful things may happen, some of which you never had expected at all. 

All is centered through Love, All Love!